We are on the mission to shift our world from polarity to unity, one interaction at a time.

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Who We Are

SPACE is a community of curious, open-hearted and compassionate humans. We are diverse in political beliefs, socioeconomic status, religious faiths and life stories, yet are united in our collective desire to live our values and enable more kindness and connection in the world.

Our Why

The world is suffering from the epidemic of disconnection and polarization. We believe that people don’t have to think alike or agree on everything in order to connect and have respect for one another. While each of us may have different labels, points of view and life stories, we inherently are more the same than different. We are all humans on a human journey. We believe that giving yourself and others space to just be - no matter the uniquely beautiful perspectives they're labeled with - is one of the most liberating and healing acts we can do. SPACE exists to shine light on our common ground - the things that connect and unite us as humans - so that we have a foundation to create a more whole, inclusive and loving world.

Our How

One of the clearest solutions to polarization from the psychological literature is that identity-based conflicts require a “superordinate” sense of identity to bring people back together. In other words, we need a large sense of ourselves that is able to bridge smaller differences. SPACE is the umbrella under which all humans can stand. We use #ourlabelishuman to help people see that we aren’t just our societal labels - democrat/republican/white/black, etc. We are humans and #wereinthistogether. Through our membership and Unity bracelets, we give people an opportunity to not just think about connection, but to take action. To not just feel honor and respect for another, but to actually say it. To not just dream about unity, but to live it.

Our Values

Our number one organizational value is Love. We believe that when we are living from a place of love, the rest of our values live themselves. When we are living from a place of love, we are in integrity, authenticity, respect, appreciation, presence, humility, kindness and so forth.

Our Essence

Project:SPACE is Curious.

Curious, to us, means approaching everything and everyone from a place of radical presence with an open heart and a beginner's mind.

Our Differentiation

We are not just another brand. We are a living experience. Our brand is an emerging, evolving phenomena that re-creates itself with every brand interaction. YOU are the brand. Your energy, actions and desires collectively fuel SPACE. #weareprojectspace

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  1. Support. All membership contributions go to furthering our mission of shifting the world from polarity to unity.

  2. Community. Be part of a group of like-hearted people who share the same values and are also committed to their own growth and behavior change as a catalyst to create both the life that they desire and a new world. Display your SPACE sticker as a reminder of your power to create a more unified, loving world.

  3. Events. Stay updated on events that offer in-person connection for our SPACE members.

  4. Voice. As a member, you will be invited to share your “why” for joining SPACE on our Instagram page.

  5. Hope. Sometimes the intangible things in life have the greatest value. By joining SPACE, you will receive an influx of hope, optimism, empowerment, liberation and connection. And, you will have a constant reminder that, while nobody is perfect and things will be hard sometimes, we’re in this together.

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